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The doorway to


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Each one of them uniquely designed and styled with passion and love for the island and its lovely guests

Get a discount of 12% by using the code CASA12%

In the heart of Capri, just footsteps away from the vibrant Piazzetta lies Casa Dani, a heaven of calmness and elegance

A story about a Caprese family, a bond between generations and a common passion and goal

Vintage vibes and timeless elegance. Sumptuous luxury, simplicity and tradition. Vibrant colors, lush nature and breathtaking views

Casa Dani Capri, where you wish your vacation never ends.

Casa Dani is a shared dream of the three Di Stefano siblings; to transform their old family home into a unique and comfortable place for their guests. The beautiful house brings elegance, comfort and panoramique views together in an exceptional way